Thai Furniture

Thailand Furniture

Thai Furniture Decor Co., Ltd. is a furniture manufacturer company of Thailand  who’s having the experience and expertise in Thai Furniture since 2008 until now. Not only the furniture  shop for sell in local area, but also the experience in co-operation  with foreign customer that can be able to prove our professional profile of Thai Furniture .

Thai Furniture Decor locate in Hang Dong  Chiang Mai, North of Thailand. We manufacture all furniture by technicians specialize  of Thai Furniture by using  wood, rattan, water hyacinth and  wood carving etc. Thai Furniture Decor can develop a variety of products follow order or the requirements and satisfaction to all our customers. Thai Furniture also made follow the customers ideas and designs. To provide customers  with Thai furniture that matches the usage and daily usage of each customer at the best design in harmony with nature that offer quality furniture with a unique design and lifestyle perfectly. Friendly and honest service and the trust of the customers under the name Thai Furniture Decor, and we can offer a special of furniture in fairly value and also bringing you in  everything you need to create your home or your business to the best place in the best prices.

Thai Furniture Decor has a line of products that customers have many choices such as tables, chairs, beds, carvings, etc. All products are created from a meticulous the care of skilled technicians who are unique and distinctive. We desire is to offer quality furniture. With a unique design meet customer lifestyle perfectly. Friendly and honest service and the trust of the customers under the name Thai Furniture Decor.

During the moment your order with Thai Furniture Decor, you can constantly our monitoring in progress. Our efficient and reliable customer service team are available to answer any questions that you may have along the way. About your personal details are completely secure. Paying for your order has been made very simple.

Thai Furniture Decor want you to enjoy your shopping experience with Thailand Furniture and recognize that you always have a choice. If you have any questions then please select an appropriate via email address: [email protected]

Remark: We do not co-corporate with any agent. Please contact us directly to our email. Thank you.